30 March 2011

Welcome to our blog, and a call to all folding bike fans!

Foldingbiketravels.com will bring you the latest folding bike news.  We will mainly focus on the cyclists travelling with their folding bikes and try to keep them updated with related stories.
We took our folding bikes from Cairo to Cape Town and had an absolute great time.  If you have masochistic tendencies and want to push your bike for extreme long distances, then yes, there's other and better bikes to choose for such cycling trips.  Also, most of these cycling travellers have way too much gear with them, so we will focus on specific travel cycling equipment as well.  So if you're looking for a cool adventure; get a folding bike, a small backpack, tent and other micro equipment and JUST GO. If you're tired of the cycling; hitch-hike, catch a train or bus and experience 'the best way to travel'.
If you have a suggestion, idea or a cool story, contact us on
editor (at-@) foldingbiketravels.com.
I hope you enjoy our blog!

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