08 October 2011

Must-Have Gear: Overboard Waterproof Bags

What's the most important thing while travelling on your folding bike?  Yes, indeed, keeping your gear dry and protected.  You don't want to sleep in a wet sleeping bag or water damage your I-phone.  Wet stuff on a trip just sucks!
Folding Bike News is happy to announce their partnership with Overboard Africa to keep all our stuff waterproof.  Their waterproof bike pannier bags range are impressive.  
I-Phone, I- Pad, Kindle readers, camera bags, backpacks and a wide range of kit bags.  Any colour, any size... If you don't find it on the Overboard website, you're simply not going to find it anywhere else!
We will test some of the products on our next trip, so please regularly check this blog and we'll keep you posted.
 In the meantime, do yourself a favour and check the impressive range on their website: www.overboardafria.co.za

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