04 November 2011

Overboard bags

It's not easy to confess; but yes, I do admit... I am a bag snob!  Wow; just said it, I feel much better already!
Yes, I like bags; all sorts of bags.  I guess it comes from losing or breaking too much stuff while on the water or travelling.  So I need to look after my personal valuables and make sure every item has it's specific protective bag.  Not only my clothes need the right bag, but also my cellphone, GPS, laptop, camera and other expensive items.
Jo thinks I am mad... until I make a list of all the stuff I have broken or water damaged so far.  So indeed, my obsession with bags comes from a history of learning and experience.  It's that simple!  So I dare say that I have become an expert in the bags field.
These are my conclusions:
1) Waterproof bags generally last a long time, but not so their expensive zips.  The zip always breaks or
malfunctions way before the bag wears out.  I have used bags from Ortlieb and Pacific Outdoor and the zip always broke way before the bag.
2) Velcro could be an alternative, but as velcro is mostly glued on it will come loose at one stage or another.
3) So yes indeed; a waterproof bag needs to be designed in a simple way without zips or velcro.  K.I.S.S (Keep it stupid simple) is always the best.
Overboard bags do just that.  Simple design that works with a clever closure or a simple roll-up system to close the bag.  The bags are designed by a team of watersport fanatics, and their range is definitely the most complete.
We are using some of their bags on our recent yacht delivery, and the bags have been proven to be perfect. I will post some test results in the near future.
Have a look at their complete range here.

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