01 March 2012

Folding Bike Comedy

The Brompton folding bicycle is a marvel in modern human ingenuity. But due to its small, compact, folded size, many people can't grasp the usefulness, power, and beauty of the Brompton. We've decided to express the Brompton in the best way we know how... interpretive dance.


John said...

I could not have expressed it any better myself...just heard from Nic that you guys picked up a copy of Bicycle Portraits. Good on you. I'm the guy on the Brompton :-)

Just Do It @ 50 said...

Hi John, Good to hear from you. I received your picture from Stan; and will use it in an article I am about to write about the Bicycle Portraits. It will appear on the blog soon. Keep folding!

Just Do It @ 50 said...

Hi Jon,
I trust you are well.
Maybe you can help; is there a bike shop in Pretoria / JHB that you know of that sells folding bikes or commuting bikes? Thanks, and keep well.

Jan Wouters.