26 June 2012

Tern Bikes Available In South Africa

We wrote about Tern bikes before.  The good news is; they are now available in South Africa.  Yes, it's about time to see some quality folding bikes available in this part of the world.

The Tern Link C7, Verge X10 and Joe D24 will be the first bikes to arrive in the country with further stock following shortly.
Tern Bicycles is a new brand of folding bike which is taking the world by storm. In just over a year the company is now represented in 44 countries and the Tern Verge Duo has already been awarded a Red Dot Design award.
If you'd like to test ride one of the Tern bikes - please give Jon a shout [jon (at) camissabicycles (dot) co (dot) za] and pop on over to our studio in Woodstock for a spin.

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Heinrich Hattingh said...

Hello Jan, thanks for the post and the coverage.

We're super excited to get this going in SA and are on a mission to get as many people on bikes as possible.

Keep well.
Heinrich Hattingh