11 September 2012

BigFish Folding Bikes

One of the really friendly companies on the EuroBike show was Bigfish Folding bikes.  A funky, cool looking folder that gets you through the London's Underground gates without any hassle.  Not only do the folders look great, but the folding is very straight-forward and pretty unique.  Get more info on www.bigfishbike.com


Honza Galla said...

Hi Jan, what do you like on this kind of folding? It is huge and you have to know how to fold it as same as you have to know how to fold a Bromton or Tern. I do not like this design much.

Just Do It @ 50 said...

Hi Honza, thanks for your comment. I guess we all have a bit of different view on folders. Yes the BigFish might not fold very compact, but it does fold very narrow (sideways). It's also not a bike you carry, but you roll it on its rear wheel. Enjoy the folding!