10 September 2012

Rumour Has It: Dahon Is Coming to South Africa!

Visiting a bicycle shop can be a daunting experience! Especially in South Africa. Let's say you're shopping for a bicycle to get to the coffee shop or to cycle to the corner cafe when you forgot the milk.

No, you're not a hipster who wants to be cool on a fixie without brakes (are you mad?). Also no mountain bike please (I am not on the top of Table Mountain!), and definitely no race bike (you think I am going to wear lycra?). So what bike should I get? A city bike (mudguards, lights, pannier,...)? Ever seen any of those in a South African bike shop? I know the answer, it's NO!

But there's hope... Rumour has it that Dahon is coming to South Africa. Yes, you sigh... 'finally', it's about time. So relax and sit back, the wait is nearly over...
More info to follow soon; watch this space.

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