26 September 2012

MetroRail? No Thanks!

After 14 years living in Cape Town, I took the Metro Rail Train from the city centre to Simonstown for the first time ever last Saturday. You can watch the video about this journey here.
I can honestly say that it’s not an exercise we will repeat any time soon. The trains are absolutely shocking, the service is non-existent and we had to pay extra for our folding bikes. The price of the trip came to nearly R100 for the 2 of us, so it’s probably cheaper to take the car (which we hate doing).
So happy we live at this side of Table Mountain (Blouberg), and have a very decent MyCiti bus system in place and an even greater cycling path!


Unknown said...

Metrorail needs to wake up. R100 for two people and couple of folding bikes. Are they mad?

jc-editing.com said...

We've taken trains with our folding bikes in Egypt, Zambia and Namibia, but none was as bad as the MetroRail here in Cape Town. Plus our folding bikes in these other countries went for free!