03 September 2012

What's The Next Cycling Hype?

According to the huge presence at the Eurobike show in Germany, the next cycling 'in-thing' is definitely the e-bike, or electric bike.  The previous hype or  fashion, the fixie,  is on it's  way  out.  No brakes and no gears are just way too limited.  They might look good, but actually, there're just downright stupid. That fashion is done and over.
So, If you want to be trendy now, you have to go electric...
Lots of electric folders also, but honestly, most of them don't look any good.  Why?
There's a few problems with them.
Firstly, they're all very heavy (minimum weight is 15 kg plus), and therefore not very portable.  If you want to break your back, get one!
Secondly the battery is a big visible box, and so the bike just does not look good.  You can design the most stunning looking folding bike, but if you add a shoebox size battery, it just  looks ugly.
I think we have to wait for the next generation of  light 'energy storage' batteries before they truly become an option.  Every single bicycle brand is offering at least one electric bike, but most are not even worth looking at.
I wonder what next year's fashion will be?  Carbon folding bikes...Yes!
Watch this space fore news on the Eurobike tomorrow...

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