18 December 2012

BioLite Stove

Stoves are an important part of light bike touring, and The BioLite is intriguing and makes a strong case as a replacement however, not only because it is designed to efficiently burn readily available twigs and small bits of wood, but also because it has a USB port to charge your iPhone with fire. It all works with a thermoelectric generator that turns a small fan to create an efficient and hit fire, and generates excess electricity to charge electronic gadgets. The stove claims to boil water about as fast as fancy pump and camp fuel versions, and that under presumably peak conditions approximately 20 minutes of charge time can yield 60 minuntes of talk time on the iPhone. About the size of a large water bottle and just under 1 kg in weight, it’s not a bad choice for all but the lightest weight touring given you don’t need to otherwise carry fuel. Available for $129, the same technology is being using to develop a similar HomeStove for people in developing countries with limited resources and unreliable power.


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