11 December 2012

Dr Alex Moulton RIP 1920 - 2012

The English engineer and inventor, creator of the iconic Moulton bicycle in the 1960s, has died, aged 92

Dr. Alex Moulton CBE of The Hall, Bradford on Avon, has died, aged 92. Active to the end, Dr Moulton was a suspension expert who worked on both cars and bicycles. In the 1950s he designed the suspension system on the small wheel Mini, and in the 1960s created the Moulton small wheel bicycle which benefitted from a new suspension system that was noted as the first major leap in bicycle development since the evolution of the Safety bicycle by JK Starley in the 1880s.

Dr Moulton's small wheel, full-suspension bicycle was launched in November 1962 and quickly became a 1960s style icon.

"The Moulton bicycle was born out of my resolve to challenge and improve upon the classic bicycle, with its diamond frame and large wheels, which has locked bicycle design into that form since the pioneering work in England of Starley and others at the end of the 19th century," said Dr Moulton of his creation of his small wheel bicycle.

The great-grandson of the rubber pioneer Stephen Moulton - who had rubber factories in Bradford on Avon - Dr Moulton was educated at Marlborough and later at King's College, Cambridge where he graduated in engineering.

During the Second World War he was employed in the Engine Research Department of the Bristol Aeroplane Company where for two years he was personal assistant to Sir Roy Fedden, the Chief Engineer.


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