06 December 2012

Enough Vintage Bikes in Shop Windows!

Cape Town is cool; you know that!  Cycling is full-on hot at the moment and everybody is jumping on this hype!  If you don't have a vintage bike in your shop/restaurant/cafe/hair salon window in Woodstock right now, well... than you're simply not 'in'.  To be honest, I am already a bit tired of it.  First of all, they might look great, but they ride like a brick.  Also getting people on a bike takes more than buying a vintage bicycle and put it in your shop.
Better idea, put the latest top of the range folding bike in your window and people will notice it, and will want to ride one!  Have you checked out the "I Love My Laundry' window lately?  Or the 'Fast and Remarkable' shop?  The first shop offers the best Dim Sum in town, the second serves stunning coffee.  So yes, forget vintage, go folding!

1 comment:

FastandRemarkable said...

Thanks for spreading the word about us stocking Dahon folding bikes and for recommending our coffee. Glad you enjoyed it.