10 January 2013

NuVinci Hub

Internal gear hubs have been around for a long time, but the NuVinci hub stands out by it's uniqueness. The NuVinci hub is an internal gear hub that utilises a continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission. This means that the hub does not have specific gears but instead can be dialed in to any particular gearing in it’s capable range. You can think of it sort of as an analog radio tuner as opposed to a digital tuner with its particular increments. It is developed by the company Fallbrook Technologies which is headquartered in San Diego California.

We rode 2 Dahon Mu360 with these hubs and can only confirm what an unbelievable pleasure it is to change gears! No 'clicking' into gears, but a smooth change. You really have to try this to believe!

For more info on internal hub gear, check this interesting site: www.hubstripping.com


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TheBlackDouglas said...

When the derailleur set wore out on my beloved 2006 Dahon Jetstream P8 I couldn't bear to throw it out. The plan was always to go for a hub. I believe hubs are far more practical for folders. But after assessing all the options - shimano, rohloff, sram, sturmey archer - based on price, robustness, ratio range, but not weight, I settled in the NuVinci 360. The clincher was the company's claim that it never needs servicing. Exactly one year of hard riding down the track and so far so good! This hub is a commute riders dream come true. SOOOO good!