21 January 2013

Where To Buy Your Folding Bicycle?

There're different ways to buy a folding bicycle these days. Your local bike shop is still the most obvious, but other channels are worth exploring. Some are a good option, others are a really bad one! The bicycle you buy, and especially where you buy it, has a huge impact on your safety, comfort and how much fun you have riding your folding bike!

Your local bike shop: Without any doubt your best option. You're talking to the professionals who know bikes! They've got the technical knowledge and will give you some great service and advice. The bikes get assembled in the shop and if there's a problem with the bike, you can go back to the shop and get it fixed.

The Internet: This is probably your second best bet. A folding bike only comes in one size. It gets delivered in a box and after unpacking you only need to pump up the tyres. Stick to a well-known brand, read the return and service policy of their web store and make sure the company you're dealing with are folding bicycle specialists. It's even better when they are related to an existing bike shop.

The department store: Bad option. Why? Because any reputable folding bike brand will stay away from department stores. Sales people here have no idea what they're selling and service is non-existent! Any folding bike you buy in a department store is a nasty, cheap piece of bicycle. Do not do it!

Your friends, family or your neighbour: Together with the department store, this is the worst method to buy a bike. 'Bored-housewife-selling-Tupperware-and-folding-bikes-after-hours' type of selling. Bad idea! They're interested in the commission they make and that's probably the last you've heard from them. If you're lucky they might know the bike comes with 2 wheels and some gears. So avoid family, friends and bored housewives whom are trying to sell you a folding bike.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I bought a Montague folding bike from my local bike shop. They were very helpful and I can always go back to them for service. I ride my folder every day, and I love it!

Just Do It @ 50 said...

Good to hear you ride your folder every day! Nice bike. http://www.montaguebikes.com/

Anonymous said...

Have you ever riden a Montague folding bike?