18 April 2013

Folding e-bike nCycle Concept Locks Itself and Plays Music

Apparently this is a folding bike?
Designers Marin Myftiu and Skyrill have taken just about every problem faced by the design of a bicycle and found a reasonable solution to it with their nCycle folding, electric bike. Featuring a retractable compartment for storage in the top tube, the nCycle eliminates the need for a basket or pannier, while a set of self-locking handlebars gets rid of the need of a lock, also offering different positions ride in which to ride. It folds in about 2 seconds, providing a solution to the issue of storage, and even features a handlebar-mounted headlight/bluetooth speaker combo. Most amazing of all, of course, is that according to the designers, all these features would be made available for the low-low price of just $4,000 if put into production.
More pictures here.

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