16 May 2013

Brompton Exchange Rate

You know our stance on Brompton bicycles: overpriced folding bicycles; extremely popular with hipsters, fashionistas and other would-be trend-setters.  
Martin Blain of the blog www.road.cc got offered a tatty Brompton for 250... pounds!  Like everything else, he concluded; from bitcoins to houses, are worth what someone is willing to pay. That being said, he prepared the following chart to provide guidance in this matter.  
So I had a quick look what a new Brompton goes for these days: between $1400 and $2400.   That's more or less what you'll pay for 4 or 5 Dahon Eco C7's!  
It's up to you of course...


Dag said...

I tried a Brompton and you need to be pretty nostalgic in order to prefer that to a Dahon. I bought my Dahon Mu-sl in 2010. It is so much faster and lighter than a Brompton. Superb workmanship in every detail. I have no used it in 14 different countries, including a long journey in Mozambique and Zimbawe (with my load), about 10 mediteranian countries etc. After thousands of km and more than 10 times on planes, nothing is broken. I only had to change spokes twice and a couple of punctures. For more, see: www.onthelightway.com

Just Do It @ 50 said...

Thanks for the comment, and I like your site; well done!