07 May 2013

The pOcpac

The clever pOcpac water resistant lifestyle / cycling pouch is manufactured from recyclable materials which has memory and elasticity, and when filled the flat dimensions reduce. The pOcpac water resistant lifestyle and cycling pouches will fit the majority of cycling jersey pockets with our newly designed RES system, Round-Edge-Seal system. Over time this clever water resistant pouch becomes softer and therefore easier to insert and remove your vital personal and cycling items from the water resistant pOcpac. Engineered to suit the needs of every modern day cyclist, from the town ‘fixie’ to the professional out on his tireless training ride.
There’s no longer any need for an aesthetically challenged saddlebag weighing down your expensive carbon frame and wheels.
Its the Mobi that is most revolutionary – you can keep your iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphone dry and still be able to navigate, make and take calls when on the move, or stopped for a cafe break.
Another advantage the pOcpac is it’s mass marketability at a relatively low cost. The pOcpac can be custom branded for events, functions, teams, clubs and retailers.
And now pOcpac introduces the new improved range, identified by the RED header cards. The upgrades include a 25% improvement in the strength of materials used and an increase in strength due to an improved welding process.
More info on www.thepocpac.com

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