13 June 2013

Carry Me Bike!

I am normally not that impressed with folding-toy-bikes, till I saw the Cycles Pacific CarryMe bike.  A guy was riding this folder on the last Moonlight Mass ride in Cape Town and he was going at a pretty decent speed.  It's a little nifty folding bicycle, looks well made and will sort of fit in a large backpack.  I am sure riding short distances must be pretty cool on this bike.  Apparently some do over 100 km on the CarryMe.  More info here.  Does anyone have more experience on these bikes?  

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Anonymous said...

It's a great little bike - very well made. Nice for taking on the train or bus. It stands up in front of me when I am seated in a regular seat. Important to keep the tire pressure high, which means inflating each time you go out. A good hand pump that fits onto the valves is the Lezyne Sport Drive HP with the flex-hose. I pump it until I cannot go any further, and that is about right. Watch out for potholes or any significant cracks, etc. All-in-all, a very nice bike to have, especially when commuting.