11 June 2013

The Real Ones!

Courtesy of www.nycewheels.com
Abel has an unending array of folding bicycles, in addition to an incomparable sense of style. His most recent acquisition is the Dahon X27h, which is an amazingly lightweight and fast performance racer that features Shimano’s Dual Drive internal gearing system.
Abel has integrated the functionality of folding bikes into every aspect of his life. As an Elite Fitness Professional, he regularly introduces his clients to the world of folding bikes via the spin classes he leads in Central Park, and he shuns cars and mass transit in favor of biking all over New York every day. Abel’s dedication to his bikes is exemplified by his insistence on selecting pearly white paint jobs for his Dahon Mu P8 and Mu P24 to make dirt and mud as visible possible. When asked about this, he offers the sage advice that, “Every time you get home from a ride you should clean off your bike, make it look good as new.” He says this forces you to respect your ride and keep it in peak condition at the same time.

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