02 October 2013

Best News of the Day!

Courtesy of www.bike-eu.comFor the first time in history (since bike sales started to be tracked), Spaniards bought more bicycles than cars. Last year, 780,000 bicycles were sold in the country compared to 700,000 cars.60,000 jobs related to cyclingIn 2012 the number of bicycles sold increased by 4% compared to the total of 2011. Last year car sales in Spain dropped by over 30%. With this trend the awareness related to the economic benefits of cycling is increasing as 'green' jobs would come as an opportunity for the country that struggles with an unemployment rate of over 25%.
According to a recent study Spain could create some 60,000 jobs up to 2020 directly related to cycling with bike share schemes; building a cycling infrastructure in and around cities as well as the industry. Spain follows Italy where in 2011 more bicycles than cars were sold for first time since World War II. Is Southern Europe ready for the cycling revolution?

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