26 August 2016

Bike Friday Introduces Lightweight Folding Bike on Kickstarter

Bike Friday Introduces Lightweight Folding Bike on Kickstarter, Shatters Fundraising Goal
The pakiT, which can be carried in a backpack, reached its $50,000 goal less than 7 hours after introduction.

Bicycle manufacturer Bike Friday released the pakiT, the world's lightest folding bike to the public via Kickstarter this past Monday.  Less than seven hours into the campaign, the company announced that pakiT had already reached its fundraising goal.  

“My team and I are motivated by building bikes that people want and love,” says Bike Friday President Hanna Scholz. “Seeing the incredibly fast response is such a wonderful confirmation that we are creating something valuable and wanted.”

The pakiT is lightweight and easy to carry.  It folds small enough to fit in a backpack. When not in use, it can be stored in a closet, under a desk, in a locker, or in its backpack, allowing people to take their bike inside instead of leaving it vulnerable to theft or the outside elements at the bike rack.

Unlike other folding bikes, the pakiT comes in three frame sizes, to fit almost anyone comfortably.  It uses standard bike components, with gearing options from 1-11 speeds.  The Gates belt drive option eliminates the potential for messy grease stains on clothing and skin.

Bike Friday is no stranger to Kickstarter, having used the platform to successfully introduce its Haul-a-Day cargo bike in 2014.  That campaign netted more than $135,000, over three times its goal of $45,000.
Bike Friday is a rare bicycle company whose operations remains in the US.  It is also one of the very few woman-run bicycle companies in the world.  Founded in 1992 by brothers Alan and Hanz Scholz, Alan's daughter Hanna has since taken the reins as president and is leading the company to meet the needs of today's utility-focused cyclists.

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