24 July 2017

Breaking News For Our South African Folding Bikes Fans!

I have some GOOD news for you!
As you all know, folding bicycles are great, but trying to purchase one in South Africa is proving to be a bit of a challenge... to put it mildly...
First the present day facts:
1) Good folding bikes were more easily available in SA a couple of years ago when you had a choice between Dahon and Tern folding bikes; both world leading brands. Those who bought one of these brands are still happy customers today. Unfortunately, the fluctuating value of the Rand forced both importers to cease any further imports into the country.
So the only folding bicycle available in SA at the moment is the Giant. Don’t get me wrong, I like Giant MTB’s and road bikes, but their folding bikes do not compare to a Dahon, Tern or a Brampton folding bike.
2) You can of course buy your folding bike on Amazon.com, or any other overseas website and have the bike shipped to you in SA. If you want to go that route, I really wish you good luck and hope you have lots of money, because you will need it.
3) You just buy another MTB or race bike and you can keep on dreaming about owning an oh, so practical folding bike one day.
So now for the good news...
Change is about to happen!
A range of affordable folding bikes will be available in SA as from the 25th July 2017. The people that brought you Dahon folding bikes many years ago, have teamed up with top suppliers in the US to bring you a nice selection of top-notch folding bikes. They’ll be easy to purchase on our online shop at the right price and will be delivered, hassle-free, to your door.

So yes, the wait is over, and you can now order your folding bike!

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