27 April 2020

Manufacturer Monday: Folding Bicycle Review of the Electric A-Bike.

Welcome to the most compact folding bike. 

The A-Bike claims to be the smallest, lightest electric bike on the market, and that's probably true!  The bike folds very small indeed, will fit into your backpack and at 12 kg is extremely light for an e-bike.  

The A-Bike was a collaboration between Sir Clive Sinclair with Hong Kong-based design studio Daka. The bike got released in 2006 as a non-electric folding bike and became an e-bike in 2015. There's only mention of the e-bike on the website, so I presume the non-motorised one, is no longer available. 

The compactness of the A-bike is achieved by the small 8' wheels and a frame with many folding hinges. The folding is really simple and straight-forward. The electric motor gives you a range of 25km and a speed limit of 20km/h. 

The bike is obviously not meant for long distances, It's not the most comfortable because of the small wheels, but will be great to cover the short distance between your bus or train stop and your final destination.  

BEWARE: Chinese cheap knock-offs are available on the market. 

  • Super compact when folded
  • Super light (for an e-bike)
  • Seems out of stock at the moment, without any mention of when the bike will be available again
  • The wheels are extremely small, so you'll only get a comfortable ride on smooth surfaces
  • The frame misses stiffness because of the many hinges
  • Not suited for fast downhill cycling

Overall score: 6/10

More info: www.a-bike.co.uk

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