25 April 2020

Welcome to Manufacturer Mondays!

We've added a folding bike manufacturers page.

I recently updated (April 2020) the list as the previous list was 4 years old.  Interesting to note is that nearly half of the folding bikes produced 4 years ago are no longer in business or available today.  

I only include folding bike manufacturers that have a website and are active.  There are many other brands, mainly Chinese, that sell their bikes on Alibaba or similar websites.  I did not include these in my list, as they often seem to sell the same folding bicycle model under various different brand names and have no own website presence.

More info here
  • If you know of other fold-up makers that should be added to the list, please let us know and we'll gladly add them to the list. 
  • We'll start highlighting and reviewing all the bikes (alphabetically) from Monday the 27th of April.  
See you next Monday for Manufacturer Monday

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