05 May 2020

Manufacturer Monday: Review of the Aurora Folding Bikes.

Welcome to an Argentinean folding bike.

Aurora bikes from Argentina have 3 folding bikes in their range.  

All 3 are aluminium; 2 are 20 inches and 1 mountain bike style 26-inch model. All 3 have a standard middle frame hinge for folding the bike, bringing the 2 wheels together. After that one folds the headset and lowers the seatpost.  

Aurorita bikes exist 60 years, and to celebrate their 60th anniversary, they offer a nice aluminium Classico Retro folding bike. The bike comes in 3 different cool vintage colours: orange, light blue and beige. 

The bike has a low frame, so getting on and off the bike is pretty easy. Accessories are a combination of Shimano and other Chinese decent stuff. Mudguards in the same colour as the frame, lights, a pump and a carrier rack come standard.  

The other 20-inch folding bike is the Smart BK. It's a modern Dahon-style folder, with all the same accessories as the above Classico Retro model. The frame is aluminium too with a mix of Shimano and other components. The frame colours come in grey/red, blue and green.  

The Nueva F26 is a 26-inch folding city bike. This bike is ideal for those who want to cycle a bit further, but still want the advantages of a folding bicycle. The frame is aluminium with a mix of Shimano and other components. The bike colour is grey, with 3 different colour detail options.  

Aurorita bicycles show us that a small, balanced range of folding bikes can be attractive. Three bikes that each appeal to a very different cyclist or commuter. 
Mudguards, lights, a pump and carrier rack come standard.  

It is not clear if these bikes are available outside of Argentina.  

Overall score: 7/10

More info here.

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