About Us

Our journey began with a combined passion for travelling and folding biking.  
We rode our folding bikes from Cairo to Cape Town in 2008 and started importing Dahon bikes into South Africa soon after getting back home. 

Folding Bikes SA is the biggest folding bicycle company in South Africa and is run by Jan Wouters and his wife Jo Charnock. 
We have sold +600 folding bicycles in the past, specialising in Dahon folding bikes and recently added a few other brands. 

"We are passionate about folding bikes and rode our folding bikes from Cairo to 

Cape Town, almost certainly a first in Africa."

Jan is the editor of this blog and the owner of www.foldingbikes.co.za. Jo is the author of "A Hitch-Bikers Guide Through Africa, Cairo to Cape Town on A Folding Bike".

You won't find a team more passionate about folding bikes!